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Victoria Falls in all her beauty!

Victoria Falls in all her beauty!


Birding is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies throughout world, and more and more are using this as a basis for a career. I am one that, very fortunately, falls prey to this! The primary pull to this is rather simple actually, birding is not limited to a certain nation, nor to a certain grouping of people – birds are spread throughout the world, in every city, in every nation!


All it takes is a little understanding, a bit more patience, and some free time! The joys of birding are remarkable – they are not bound by political borders, and are free to live how they desire, and where they desire! Let us not even talk about their mind-boggling migrational habits which shows how something so small, so seemingly primitive and insignificant, can achieve accomplish something so great.


Birding – a truly great hobby, the ultimate life, and something that I will never regret taking up!


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